Domestic Mould Eradication London

Domestic Mould Eradication London

Type of project: Domestic Mould Eradication

Location: London

Services used:

Free Home Survey

Mould Removal & Disposal

Vent-Axia Domestic Ventilation System Installed


Advice Given To Avoid Further Damp & Mould Issues

What we did:

A client located in Inner London requested a FREE survey from our team of domestic mould removal specialists. The client had a vast amount of condensation and mould issues growing on an external wall, so they called The Dwelling Doctors in to check it out.


Since exterior walls are exposed to the outside air, they are colder than the interior walls of the house, encouraging increasing mould and condensation problems.


Before we assessed the project, we knew that it was likely due to several causes, with factors including: the amount of humidity inside of the client’s house, and the amount of insufficient insulation.


Installing adequate domestic ventilation in the house and providing improved insulation is a fantastic, speedy solution for this sort of project.

The details:

Domestic projects are personal and sensitive, so our team of mould removal experts reacted rapidly to the request, performing a Free Home Survey in quick time. Here, we noticed the growth of mould on the walls – particularly the lower quartiles and in the corners.

We used an anemometer to assess the client’s current ventilation system to ensure that it was in line with Part F – ‘Ventilation’ – of the Government Building Regulations, and then used our expert technology and equipment to dispose of the mould safely and quickly.

When it comes to domestic projects, we know that clients require as little disruption as possible, which is why our team work fast and efficiently to ensure that families can go back to their normal, healthy, day-to-day lives as soon as possible.

All sources of mould were cleaned, treated, and removed, before we then installed efficient, guideline-approved Vent-Axia domestic ventilation systems. These are particularly effective in the form of kitchen extractor fans and bathroom extractor fans to prevent the growth of damp issues.

Finally, we applied our redecorating service – painting the property, leaving it sparkling white – as though there had never been a mould issue in the first place!

Our team of mould removal specialists left this domestic property in an immaculate state, rapidly fulfilling the project specifications and ensuring that the client’s home was now safe from mould and condensation.

We were also sure to inform the client on how to avoid the issue in the future, as when it comes to damp and mould, prevention is crucial!

Our advice included: allowing fresh air to circulate in the property through open windows, particularly after cooking, using the bath/shower or drying wet washing, in order to expel as much of the humidity and damp in the property as possible.