Mould Eradication

Mould Eradication

Type of project: Mould Eradication

Location: North London

Services used:

Free Home Survey
Mould Eradication
Water Tank Renewal
Ceiling Renewal

What we did:

Recently, a client approached us in North London as their house was inundated with condensation, damp, mould and spores. The client was experiencing severe headaches and sickness and knew that it was time to call in our mould removal specialists.

The entire property had been affected by the issue as it had been left unresolved for a long period of time. It was due to a culmination of possible reasons, including inadequate heating and ventilation and a previous water tank leak.

The details:

It is important to report any mould issues in your home quickly as moulds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions) and irritants. When living in these conditions for a long while it may cause symptoms such as: sneezing, red eyes, skin rashes and a runny nose.

Fortunately, our team of mould eradication North London experts were on hand to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently so that the client could return to living in a healthy environment.

The first step was to provide a Free Home Survey. It was here that our mould removal specialists noted that the property needed a range of severe repairs including mould eradication, renewal of the water tank and ceilings, replastering of the walls and retiling of the bathroom.

The bathroom was particularly badly damaged with thick layers of mould accumulating on the wet walls. Due to the damages and aesthetic disfigurement, once we had removed every inch of mould, we provided a thorough retiling service, leaving the bathroom gleaming and ready for use.

For the kitchen and the bathroom, we used the latest technology (an Anemometer) to measure the air flow rate and assess whether the current system was compliant with Part F (Ventilation) of the Government Building Regulations. Since it was not, we installed new and reliable extractor fans to ensure a healthy flow of quality air throughout the property.

The Dwelling Doctors are trusted installers of the UK’s leading ventilation brand Vent-Axia, so our client could rest assured knowing that we had installed the highest quality product in their home.

Our team then re-plastered the ceiling in order to improve the condition of the property and provided a solid foundation for redecoration.

Redecoration was our final stage of the job where we wiped away any traces of the mould and damp so that the property looked spectacular again!

This particular project was a complete turnkey job. Our mould removal specialists worked quickly and thoroughly to ensure that every trace of mould, damp and spores were removed, leaving the property white, shiny and ready to be enjoyed again!

We also installed quality ventilation systems to ensure that the issue would not arise again – prevention is key!