Mould Growth North London Mould Eradication

Mould Growth North London Mould Eradication

Type of project: Mould Removal

Location: North London

Services used:

Free Home Survey

Mould Removal

Cleansed, Treated & Removed Black Mould

Damp Prevention Advice

Replastered & Painted Ceiling


What we did:

A client located in North London recently requested a survey as they were experiencing vast amounts of damp collection and mould growth in their bathroom. It had coated parts of the ceiling, making the room look unattractive and, if left untreated, it would have been increasingly unsafe.

Mould growth in the bathroom is common if you do not have sufficient ventilation. When you shower, bathe, or use the sink, moisture and heat build-up, creating a humid environment that is absolutely ideal for mould spores to grow. Other microscopic organisms and dust particles in the air, and on your surfaces, feed and add to the mould, causing it to spread at a rapid rate.

The details:

Our team of mould removal specialists left the site in pristine condition, fulfilling the required specifications of the job and ensuring that the client’s current ventilation system was in accordance with Part F of the Government Regulations.

However, the work of the Dwelling Doctor’s did not stop there. Our team always provide expert advice so that our clients can prevent mould growth happening again in their property, because when it comes to damp and mould, prevention is key!

Such tips include keeping the bathroom well ventilated by leaving the door and windows open as much as possible, particularly after using the shower. It is also important to manually rid your bathroom of any excess moisture after bathing or showering. This can be done by drying the shower or any other wet surfaces and mopping away any excess water on the ground.

However, one of the most important ways to prevent damp and mould growth is to invest in a domestic ventilation system that is in accordance with Government Regulations. We supply and install products by Vent-Axia, confident that they will reduce the risk of damp and mould collection.