mould removal Vent-Axia Essex

mould removal Vent-Axia Essex

Type of project: Mould Removal

Location: Essex

What we did:

Recently, a client approached us in the Essex, East London area as they were starting to notice the accumulation of condensation and the growth of mould in their upstairs bathroom.
The mould growth was caused by lingering moisture left in the room by a lack of sufficient ventilation, as the client’s current extractor fan was not functioning to optimal standards.

The details:

Mould in the bathroom is dangerous, as it can irritate asthma sufferers and enhance a range of allergies, often causing a runny nose, coughing and a scratchy throat. This is why our team of mould removal specialists were quick to tackle the job.

During our Free Home Survey of the property, one of our experienced mould removal specialists, Patrick, tested the client’s current ventilation system. This is shown in the two images above. He used the latest technology, an Anemometer, to measure the air flow rate and assess the performance of the current domestic ventilation in their bathroom.

For this particular property, the client’s current system was not compliant with Part F (Ventilation) of the Government Building Regulations. This meant that the air was not flowing optimally, leading to a build-up of damp and condensation in the bathroom, which was encouraging mould to grow at a rapid rate.

The Ventilation Building Regulations are formatted onto a large document, covering a wide range of scenarios and information. Our team are experts on the topic, so you can rest assured that we will inform you of the Regulations and answer any questions that you may have.

Using his extensive knowledge of the domestic ventilation and mould removal industry, Patrick recommended a different, more effective system, which the clients were eager to have installed.

Quickly and efficiently, our team returned to the job with a new, high calibre extractor fan from Vent-Axia. The Dwelling Doctors are an approved reseller and installer of Vent-Axia, with all of their products being guaranteed for 7 years, ensuring high quality and reliability on our jobs. Patrick installed the extractor fan that met and exceeded Part F of the Government Building Regulations.

By using such a reliable product, the amount of condensation in this client’s bathroom was hugely reduced, and further damp and mould issues have been prevented from developing, leaving our client happy and their bathroom once again healthy.

Our team of mould removal specialists also provided the client with information on how to prevent further mould growth in their bathroom. This particularly focused on ensuring that there was adequate ventilation in the room by making sure to open windows when needed and to always switch on the extractor fan after they have had a bath or a shower.

Prevention is key when it comes to mould, which is why we are quick to supply and install quality ventilation systems, leaving our clients safe and content in their homes.