Condensation Control and Loft Ventilation

One question we come across quite often at The Dwelling Doctors is “Why is loft ventilation so important when it comes to condensation control?” We also come across many home owners who do not realise the impact poor loft ventilation can have on condensation in their homes.

Most of the time, home owners usually only think about loft ventilation when they have an issue, not to prevent issues with condensation. When do you think about it? Perhaps when you’ve gone to get your suitcases out of the loft only to find they’re covered in mould? Or maybe you’ve noticed condensation on the roofing felt, or roof timbers etc?

If these are ringing an alarm bell to you, then you need to do something NOW!

Condensation in your loft will not only cause damage to anything you have stored up there, but it can also get inside your loft insulation reducing its effectiveness. Unfortunately, once your insulation is damp you will struggle to dry it out.

The team at The Dwelling Doctors can help you with any condensation control issues you may have or if you wish to avoid any issues in the future. Give our team a call today on 0203 883 8077 and see how we can help!

As well as our condensation control services, we also carry out mould eradication and domestic ventilation systems throughout London and the surrounding areas. Think you could use our help? Contact the team today!