Condensation Control Services

Condensation Specialists

Condensation Control Services

Condensation problems is not something to be ignored and can be fixed by our condensation control services. When left unchecked it can cause damp and lead to the growth of mould within your home. Damage can also occur to a property’s décor (i.e., stains, rotting issues, damage to fabrics and peeling). We are condensation specialists and ready to help you and provide you with a suitable condensation solution.

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Condensation Removal Services

A Condensation Smashing Business

The Dwelling Doctors is a national mould removal and condensation control company that offers a variety of mould and condensate removal options. We have a combined expertise of many years in the condensation control sector, so you can rest certain that your property is in safe, competent hands and that the job will be done correctly.

Natural moisture is a huge and constant threat to the structure of your property, particularly when left untreated. It can cause rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation issues and mould. However, this can be avoided if it is treated proactively, saving both time and money on potentially expensive repair work.

The Dwelling Doctors offer a range of reliable solutions to these issues including redecoration, and a money back guarantee is included in the service!

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We Can Help Your Condensation Problems

Luckily, these issues can be prevented by the incorporation of better condensation control and domestic ventilation systems. The Dwelling Doctors provide such solutions! By implementing a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) method, we are able to remove and replace unhealthy, damp air with fresh air. We install reliable products, supplied by Vent-Axia, to ensure that your property is back to a happy and healthy state!

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Professional Condensation Control Solutions


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Answers To Condensation Questions

Common Condensation Questions

What Causes Condensation?

Condensation in the home is very common, but the primary reason for it to do so is the inadequate ventilation, insulation or heating.

As we seek to insulate our homes more often through double/triple glazing, loft or cavity/external wall insulation etc., it has the unintended consequence of trapping humid air within a building. Without a means of ventilation, the wet air cannot naturally escape the building and instead remains confined essentially making a sealed box.

Humid air that comes into contact with a chilly surface (below its dew point) will condensate causing water droplets to form a bit like getting a cold can out of the fridge on a humid day condensation will form on the surface. This condensed moisture will eventually cause issues with the property, such as black mould and damages to surfaces such as walls, ceilings and window reveals.

condensation on window
condensation on window

Condensation Solutions

It might be time to consult with a damp and condensation professional if you have used all of the free DIY options and your condensation problems still exist.

At The Dwelling Doctors, we have led the way in developing condensation-related remedies. We are dedicated to repairing unpleasant damp surroundings and supplying a property or home with fresh, clean, and dry air.

On our surveys, we take readings such as extract fan exhaust rates, humidity and surface temperature to be able to work out the dew point and provide a compliance-based permanent solution for the home.

Common Condensation Problems

Condensation emerges when warm, humid air contacts cooler surfaces, producing water droplets. Frequently observed in high humidity regions and during chillier seasons, it’s more than a mere inconvenience.

Six Detrimental Impacts of Condensation on Homes:

  1. Mold Onset: Persistent condensation fosters mold growth, posing threats to both home integrity and health.
  2. Wall and Ceiling Harm: Continuous moisture can lead to paint peel, wood rot, and plaster decay.
  3. Window Degradation: Moisture on windows can damage frames and sills, leading to functionality loss and repair costs.
  4. Odor Issues: Affected damp areas can emanate a musty smell, hinting at mold and other moisture troubles.
  5. Health Hazards: Moisture promotes dust mites and allergens, aggravating allergies and respiratory ailments.
  6. Elevated Energy Expenses: Moist homes require more heating or cooling, hiking up energy bills.

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Why Choose The Dwelling Doctors?


We have a lot of skill and understanding in the areas of condensation management, mould eradication, and household ventilation as a result of our many years of experience. This means we can provide professional guidance and provide a consistently high-quality and dependable service. We have a lot of experience in mould eradication.


Our services are offered at incredibly low rates. In fact, if you provide us a quotation for a condensation control study that was recently conducted, we promise that we will beat it! Leading manufacturers in the sector supply the products we utilise for our condensation solutions. We are a Vent-Axia certified reseller and installation for household ventilation, and all of our equipment come with a 7-year guarantee, assuring great quality and dependability.

Our Promise

Because allowing outsiders into your house might be intimidating, we take
pleasure in having a dependable and trustworthy staff. The Dwelling Doctors are courteous and professional, and we are always willing to answer any questions you may have, no matter how large or little.

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Trusted By More Than 650+ Happy Customers

We are a fully accredited and licenced business who has been working on mould and condensation removal for many years now.

Condensation Removal Process

Our four step process

At The Dwelling Doctors, we have a simple four-step process that we use for each of our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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We ensure you and your family can live a happy life within a property that is safe.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for condensation and mould removal services.

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