Domestic Ventilation and the fight against Covid-19

The news has been full of updates on the fight against Covid-19 for almost two years now and little has been said about the importance of domestic ventilation when it comes to reducing the risk of catching the virus. We recently came across the following article on which discussed how the right domestic ventilation could make a huge difference now many of the restrictions have been lifted…

The NHS and the Government have overhauled their public health messaging on Covid-19 to focus on advice on ventilation as the “Hands, Face, Space” tagline is dropped. The slogan, which ran across TV, radio, print, posters, and online, was unveiled in September last year and encouraged the public to wash their hands, cover their faces and abide by social distancing rules in order to control infection rates.

A No 10 spokesperson confirmed to i that the term “Hands, Face, Space” had been dropped and that new guidance was replacing it without a specific slogan attached. Over the past year, the Government has been criticised for failing to emphasise the importance of ventilation, which has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of curbing transmission for a virus that is spread through droplets and aerosols.

Officials appeared to have been moving away from “Hands, Face, Space” before today’s confirmation and the phrasing was notably absent on the Downing Street lecterns during the briefing last Monday night.

A campaign titled “keep life moving” is expected to be used this summer.

Covid-19 cases continue to rise after the final lockdown restrictions were lifted on Monday, and a record 619,000 people were told to self-isolate by the NHS Covid-19 app in the seven days up to 14 July.

Latest Government figures for Thursday 22 July showed there were just under 40,000 daily cases of the virus in the UK. The new Government and NHS advice lists urge people to meet others outside, or to open doors and windows if they have visitors inside. Handwashing is still on both lists, though lower down the recommendations. There is growing evidence that it has a more limited role to play in preventing transmission in comparison to ventilation and mask use. Face coverings are also still advised by both the NHS and the Government for busy indoor areas and crowded places. The guidance continues to emphasise the important of getting the vaccinated if you are aged over 18, taking a PCR test if you have symptoms and using the NHS Covid app to check into venues when out and about.

Throughout the pandemic the Government has faced criticism for its lack of messaging on the merits of ventilation.

A report last week by the Royal Academy of Engineering, commissioned by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, warned that a majority of building owners and operators still “have modest levels of relevant knowledge, skills, budgets, and organisational maturity in this area”, partly due to the fact that “the scientific evidence… has not been communicated”. It called on ministers to “rapidly develop and deliver clear communications” and fund “private and public-sector organisations to improve the poorest performing spaces in buildings.”

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