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Inadequate ventilation is a major cause of condensation, damp issues and the growth of mould in properties. Here at The Dwelling Doctors, it is our mission to keep UK properties well-ventilated and problem free by providing a first-class domestic ventilation systems and using reliable products. We supply and install professional and reliable domestic ventilation systems from leading manufacturers.

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    Domestic Ventilation Systems To Prevent Condensation and Mould

    Condensation, damp issues, and the growth of mould in homes are all caused by inadequate ventilation. It is our mission at The Dwelling Doctors to maintain UK properties well-ventilated and problem-free by installing high-quality household ventilation systems and using dependable equipment.

    Our domestic ventilation systems are priced competitively. We aim to offer cost-effective solutions to your condensation and mould problems, so if you have managed to find a better price elsewhere, please let us know – we are confident that we can beat it!

    Our Testimonials

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    Matthew J

    “Brilliant service and friendly staff – we have woke up today with no condensation!”

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    Chris L

    “They explained and advised on all the issues we had and got them sorted for us swiftly.”

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    Jade J

    “They surveyed the property gave us a solution and done exactly what they said they would.”

    Ventilation Systems

    To begin, we test a property’s current ventilation system. By using the latest technology, we can see if the system is compliant with Part F (Ventilation) of the Government Building Regulations. For this, we use an Anemometer. This measures the air flow rate in a property to assess the performance of domestic ventilation. If the property’s current system is not compliant with the Government Building Regulations, then we will recommend a different system.

    Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro system to prevent condensation and mould

    We supply and install quality ventilation systems in accordance with Part F, using Vent-Axia products that also come with a 7-year guarantee. This can include the implementation of extractor fans (i.e., in the bathroom or kitchen). By using such reliable and efficient products, the amount of condensation is hugely reduced, and further damp and mould issues are prevented from developing.

    Competitive Prices

    Our domestic ventilation systems are priced competitively. We aim to offer cost-effective solutions to your condensation and mould problems, so if you have managed to find a better price elsewhere, please let us know – we are confident that we can beat it!

    5-10 Year Guarantees

    Our ventilation systems come with 5 to 10 year guarantees, depending on the model chosen. We are extremely proud of all the products we offer, and are confident that you will struggle to find better elsewhere.

    An Easy Process

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    Book your survey by giving us a call or completing the contact form on our website.

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    One of our surveyors will carry out a detailed survey of your property.

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    We’ll take care of business and ensure you and your family can live a happy life knowing your property is safe

    Why Choose The Dwelling Doctors


    Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built up a wealth of expertise and knowledge on condensation control, mould eradication and domestic ventilation. This means that we can offer expert advice, ensuring a first-class and reliable service at all times. We have an abundance of knowledge of mould removal in properties so you can rest assured that your property is in safe and professional hands.


    It is often daunting allowing others into your home, so we pride ourselves on having a dependable and respectable team who you can trust. The Dwelling Doctors are friendly and professional and are always happy to answer any questions that you may have, no matter how big or small.

    Our Promise

    We provide our services at extremely competitive prices. In fact, if you send us the quote of a condensation control survey that you have had completed recently, we are guaranteed to beat it! The products that we use for our condensation solutions are supplied by leading manufacturers in the field. For domestic ventilation, we are an approved reseller and installer of Vent-Axia, and all of our products are guaranteed for 7 years, ensuring high quality and reliability.

    Continuous Running Kitchen and Bathroom Fan

    Domestic Ventilation Systems

    Kitchen Extractor Fans

    Our kitchen extractor fans provide homeowners and  Installers with an aesthetically pleasing and compact extract fan. The unit has unique intelligence and the capability to accommodate different property layouts and tenants lifestyles with just one ventilation solution.

    Nuaire Cyfan allows maintenance teams and installers to configure and install the right extract fan in just one visit. Furthermore, you only need to stock one fan, providing one perfect solution.

    Bathroom Extract Fan

    Our bathroom extractor fans are visually beautiful and small, making them ideal for homeowners and installers. With just one ventilation solution, the unit offers unique intelligence and the capacity to suit various property layouts and tenant lifestyles.

    Maintenance crews and installers can customise and install the proper bathroom extract fan in just one visit using Nuaire Cyfan. Furthermore, you only need one fan to complete the setup, making it a one-stop shop.

    Domestic Ventilation Systems

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