Government Condensation Control Guidelines

A crack down on poor air quality is taking place with the Government Condensation Control Guidelines – also known as Part F…

What is Part F of the Government Building Regulations?

Approved Document F talks all things Ventilation. It provides guidance on building ventilation, including the air quality in buildings, along with advice on how to prevent condensation in domestic and non-domestic structures.

The document informs that there must be an adequate means of ventilation provided for people in a building. Furthermore, fixed systems for mechanical ventilations and any associated controls must be commissioned by testing and adjusting as necessary to ensure that adequate ventilation is provided.

There are a variety of key terms and topics covered in the document, including: air permeability, whole building ventilation, extract ventilation, bathroom, sanitary accommodation, and purge ventilation, along with many others.

The aim of the document is to ensure that adequate ventilation is provided whilst minimising energy use and reducing the risk of environmental problems, including noise and thermal discomfort.

What is Ventilation?

Ventilation is the removal of stale, indoor air from a building which is replaced with fresh outside air – such outside air would need to be of a reasonable quality and in-line with the Approved Document F standards.

Domestic Ventilation Compliance GuidlinesVentilation is needed to provide outside air for breathing; dilute or remove airborne pollutants and to control excessive levels of humidity, along with various other means.

Why is this significant to insulation companies?

With the government adjustments to Ventilation rules and regulations, insulation companies are going to need the Dwelling Doctor’s team of mould removal specialists now more than ever.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge in the field and can provide our expertise and methods to ensure that insulation companies are using ventilation that meets the new Approved Document F guidelines.

Government Building Regulations Document F Ventilation

Furthermore, new legislations (the new PAS 2035) have been passed, requiring insulation companies to upgrade their insulation when undertaking their jobs. The Dwelling Doctors can take on this part of the job efficiently and effectively, reducing the stress for insulation companies and providing a top-tier service for their clients.

We offer services to control condensation in a number of ways, including the use of background ventilators – a whole-house ventilation system that removes stale indoor air and replaces it with fresh air from outside. We also upgrade extractor fans (including kitchen and bathroom) to ensure that they are compliant with Government Building Regulations.


The entire Approved Document F document can be viewed here:

The Dwelling Doctors are able to advise and help you make any changes to your property with regards to the Government Condensation Control Guidelines – contact our team to find out more.