Have you had a domestic ventilation system installed incorrectly?

Our team of mould removal specialists are expertly equipped to enter the property and fix the issue with your domestic ventilation system as soon as possible.

If your domestic ventilation system (i.e., kitchen extractor fan or bathroom extractor fan) has been incorrectly fitted, it will not function properly.  This means that the moisture built-up in your property may not be expelled sufficiently. Furthermore, it can also cause an array of health problems to inhabitants such as shortness of breath, dizziness and dry throat and eyes.

There are also a variety of physical and aesthetic signs that your domestic ventilation system may not be installed correctly, including: the growth of mould in your home; condensation on the windows; a strong musty smell; lack of heat control in the rooms of your house; and moisture on surfaces.

If this is the case, it is important to contact The Dwelling Doctors who will rapidly fix the issue. Our team begin by using the latest technology to test the current ventilation system and see if it is compliant with Part F (Ventilation) of the Government Building Regulations. For this, we use an Anemometer. This measures air speed, velocity, and flow inside of a property, usually in cubic feet per minute (CFM) to assess the performance of your current ventilation system. It can also be used to test heating and air conditioning.

If the current system is not compliant with the Government Building Regulations, we will recommend a different system and fit it for you. We supply and install quality ventilation systems in accordance with Part F that come with a 5–10-year guarantee, depending on the model chosen. They are reliable and efficient products, effective in reducing the amount of condensation in your home and preventing further damp and mould issues from developing.

Or, if the system is compliant and simply needs installing correctly, we are quick to fix the issue and ensure that it is installed to the highest standard, keeping yourself, your family and your home safe from condensation and mould.

In the long term, it is important to exercise good condensation control alongside your domestic ventilation fitting. We advise keeping your house warm with adequate insulation; dealing with any steam from cooking or showering rapidly by opening windows and using your extractor fans; and avoiding hanging clothes inside when you can.

If you think there may be something wrong with your previous domestic ventilation system, give us a call! Our experts enter, survey and will return with the correct equipment and technology for the job.

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