Is Insulation Worse for Condensation?

Insulation might stimulate the growth of damp even though it is likely the greatest approach to keep your house warm. It’s pretty frustrating to discover that you have an attic full of mouldy boxes after spending all that money and time trying to make your home more comfortable.

In addition to being unsightly and having the potential to harm belongings and soft furniture, damp and mildew can also cause some serious respiratory issues.

What causes insulation and dampness to coexist so frequently, and what can be done to prevent it?

Why can insulation cause damp?

Insulation, as you are aware, is intended to reduce heat transmission, keeping warm air inside and cold air outside. The less natural ventilation your home receives, the less airflow it receives, and airflow is essential for preserving a healthy interior humidity level. Insulation is a good product for your home and will help with reducing costs of energy, but it then means that the heated air holds more moisture, and that moisture eventually has to escape. If the building has insulation, the water vapour cannot escape via the walls or ceilings and instead seeps into the structure’s materials or its contents. Therefore, it’s crucial to boost ventilation to counteract rising humidity. Use extractor fans especially when performing activities that produce a lot of steam, like cooking or taking a shower.

How can I reduce condensation in a well-insulated home?

Condensation can be avoided most effectively with controlled ventilation. Inadequate ventilation is a major cause of condensation, damp issues and the growth of mould in properties. Here at The Dwelling Doctors, it is our mission to keep UK properties well-ventilated and problem free by providing a first-class domestic ventilation system and using reliable products. We supply and install professional and reliable domestic ventilation systems from leading manufacturers. Our domestic ventilation systems are priced competitively. We aim to offer cost-effective solutions to your condensation and mould problems, so if you have managed to find a better price elsewhere, please let us know – we are confident that we can beat it!