Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint From The Dwelling Doctors

Here at the Dwelling Doctors, we are delighted to announce the release of our very own Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint!

It comes in a variety of shades including brilliant white – a customer favourite that is sure to leave your newly refurbished walls looking pristine and welcoming.

The paint can be used with ease, using the following simple instructions:

  • Remove any loose or flaking material, including paint and paper, and make good of any cracks or defects.
  • Wash the surface with our Dwelling Doctors Surface Cleaner and allow it to dry.
  • On porous surfaces, apply an initial coat of our Mould Resistant Emulsion, thinned up to 10% with water.
  • On heavily stained surfaces, apply Anti-Stain Primer.
  • Apply two full coats of Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint.
  • To maintain the anti-mould properties, this paint must not be overcoated with any other paint or paper.

We know that some residential projects have a smaller, fixed budget that does not always allow for external condensation and mould repair services. Our mould removal specialists have catered for this by creating Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint. This way, you can rest assured that your property is safe and secure from mould whilst maintaining your personal budget.

Our paint is formulated to protect your surfaces against black mould, which is both unsightly, unhygienic and a health hazard. Due to its powerful ingredients, our paint is designed to work in places where there is even a high concentration of condensation (i.e. kitchens and bathrooms).

By combining modern paint technology with advanced paint-film protection, our Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint performs admirably, with the strong biocide ingredient discouraging mould from the get-go.

When the paint has been fully dried out on your surfaces, it is fully washable and resistant to the effects of condensation. This makes it a customer go-to, as it is versatile and effective.

With DIY residential projects on the rise, and the cold, damper winter months fast approaching, it is the perfect time to invest in Mould Resistant paint and supplies. This way you are set with reliable resources to defend your home and your families against condensation and dangerous mould growth.

You can pair this with sufficient domestic ventilation (i.e., kitchen or bathrooms fans) and by keeping a steady flow of fresh air throughout your property. Something as simple as opening your kitchen windows after cooking or laundry can work wonders.

Our Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint will be available to buy online very soon but if you have any questions about its suitability for your home, please get in touch!