Ventilation Fund To Help Fight Covid-19

With the identification of a new Covid-19 variant recently and the push to get more people vaccinated, there are also other ways you can help keep your family, friends and customers safe – and that is with better ventilation systems within your homes and business. As part of this, a new ventilation fund has been announced for businesses in Scotland. Take a look at the article below which was first published on…

A new £25m ventilation fund will help businesses in Scotland stop the spread of Covid-19. Small and medium-sized businesses such as restaurants, bars and gyms will be able to claim back costs of up to £2,500 to undertake work such as the installation of carbon dioxide monitors and remedial improvement work to windows and vents. Businesses will be able to fill in a self-assessment form to receive advice on improving their current ventilation systems and identify if they are eligible for financial support from their local authority.

Effective ventilation is a key public health measure to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading and is of increasing importance during autumn and winter as people spend more time indoors.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: ‘In September we announced the establishment of a £25 million fund to help businesses improve ventilation. This fund opens for applications next week. More information on eligibility has now been published on the Find Business Support website.

‘All of these basic mitigation measures are really important at this stage but some of them are also valuable long-term investments. For example, better ventilation won’t just reduce the spread of Covid – it will also help reduce the spread of other airborne viruses, now and in the future.’

You can read the full article on the ventilation fund on

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