What causes condensation

What causes condensation? When warm, wet air (humidity) is released into the atmosphere of our homes and is unable to disperse outside, condensation occurs. This occurs when water-laden air comes into contact with cold surfaces such as windows and walls, where it condenses due to a lack of ventilation in the home.

In terms of how that moist air enters the home, a family of four is estimated to produce the equivalent of 100 pints of water each week through normal activities such as boiling water, cooking, bathing, and washing or drying items indoors.

What are the leading causes of Condensation?

While condensation happens in every home, a lack of sufficient ventilation and circulation in the property is the major source of condensation.

As we look to insulate our homes by double/triple glazing, leak proofing, and other methods, we are trapping wet air within our homes. Without a source of air ventilation, the moist air is trapped instead of being naturally pushed out of the home. The moist air will eventually come into touch with a cooler surface for long enough for the dew point to decrease, resulting in the formation of condensation water droplets. This condensation moisture will eventually lead to property issues such as black mould.

Is condensation caused by the weather?

Condensation has been shown to have a greater impact on properties during the colder months of October to April (known as condensation season) than during the summer.

When it’s chilly outside, we naturally choose to stay warm by cranking up the heat and closing the windows, resulting in higher levels of humidity in the house. When the temperature outside drops, water may begin to appear inside your home, particularly on windows, walls, and in the loft.

How to stop condensation.

Simple lifestyle changes can frequently go a long way toward helping to lessen the cause of condensation. Following these helpful hints and tips can help you enhance home ventilation and drastically minimise the quantity of condensation-causing humid air you let into your home.

Still need help with condensation?

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