What is Positive Input Ventilation?

Positive Input Ventilation, also known shorthand as PIV, is the method through which unhealthy air is pushed out and replaced with dry, fresh air, in an energy efficient manner. Filtered air is introduced into a property, improving the quality of air, and increasing the circulation of fresh, healthy air around the home.

This is usually achieved through the use of a motorised unit (e.g., our PIV systems which you can read more about on our website). The unit is installed quickly and efficiently into your property, drawing on outside air, filtering it from impurities and pollutants, and circulating it through your home so that the air you and your family breathes is healthy, safe and at its highest standard.

Why might I need a Positive Input Ventilation system?

Over recent years, many properties have increased thermal efficiency. Whilst this makes them highly insulated and draught free, it has however caused a reduced air quality that is both bad for our health and our homes.

Healthwise, poor air quality in the home can increase the effects of respiratory problems such as asthma. Furthermore, it increases the risk of condensation, mould, and various other accompanying issues.

By contacting The Dwelling Doctors and implementing a Positive Input Ventilation system, these risks are massively reduced, giving your property its best chance to fight mould and condensation whilst remaining insulated and draught free.

Our Positive Input Ventilation systems

Our systems are priced competitively. We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions to your condensation and mould problems. So, if you have managed to find a better price elsewhere, contact us today as we are confident that we can beat it!

Furthermore, our PIV systems come with 5 to 10 years guarantee, depending on the specific model you have chosen. Reliability and trust are key – and we value these traits in our business.

If you visit our online shop, you will find a variety of products to assist with ventilation in your home. This includes the following:
Nuaire DRIMASTER-ECO-HEAT-HC (In Home Controls RF enabled WITH HEATER)

We have a wide range of products from some of the UK’s most trusted providers – we only supply what we as a team would personally use, so you can rest assured that your home will be in safe hands.

To browse for yourselves, visit our online shop.